Refresh Your Living Room

What is the easiest way to liven up your home? Start by refreshing your living room. This is a low-cost and quick way to breathe new life into your home.

How do you refresh your living room? You can keep the change conservative, or you can go BIG! Either way, here are our top recommendations on how to get that refresh underway.

Identify Your Favorites

Identify which furniture and décor items you love, and which items have lost your admiration. If your living room is your main living space, you will want to fill it with items that bring joy, hold a special place in your heart and represent your personal style.

It’s OK to relocate, or even get rid of, items that no longer serve you or your space.

Rearrange Your Furniture

This can be accomplished with small changes around the room – move that bookcase from under the window and swap places with the sofa table – or in big ways, like facing your sofa and loveseat towards a different wall or focal point (think fireplace). Try different orientations until you find one that suits you best.

This step can include moving your wall décor too. Try to avoid repeating the same combos with which you started. That mirror doesn’t always have to go above the accent table; try it on the mantel this time.

Accessorize with Color

Accessorize your new layout with fresh new colors. Any solid color can be a “neutral” with which you can accent using pops of colors and patterns. Have a dark gray couch with navy pillows? Try switching it up with pillows printed in tangerine. Follow that color theme with other accents around the room. Swap out your pillar candles with those that have similarly warm colors, add a piece of pottery or a colorful vase with similar color characteristics, try a new area rug that brings your new accent color to life.

Tangerine too spicy for you? Well, try a color similar to your original accent color but in a different tone. Go from navy to light blue – and coordinate other accessories likewise. Your biggest furniture items upholstered in a print? That’s okay too, just choose a different coordinating color OR if feeling bold, chose a CONTRASTING color to your print. Colors across the color wheel from yours are the perfect options.