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Beautiful, welcoming, comfortable… Home. You will find it all at Decorate with Panache. That perfect piece, a place to settle in. That décor item to partner with your heirloom. That set of dishes to make your table glow.

Your home should be your haven, and be beautiful. Decorate with Panache has a carefully selected collection of wonderfully eclectic home décor, furniture and furnishings, all waiting to come to your house!

Beautiful décor for every room

There is something very special in common among all the wonderful items for sale at Decorate with Panache. They have all passed the test of the very discerning eye of the store’s owner and visionary, Susan Eiland. As you wander the shop, you move from one beautiful room vignette to another. Each grouped vignette feels like you’re visiting another really cool place, so engaging and you just want to sit down and be there for a bit. The common theme: “This is a really good place to be.

Decorate with Panache has a full selection of furniture and beautiful and home decor items to fill your rooms. Come and see, come and sit down. Find the perfect sofa or special chair, waiting to be in your home. Select a favorite piece for yourself or something special for your visitors. Just to the side, you’ll see the table, just the right size, the perfect place to set your cup or book. Pick graceful or whimsical statuary or vase to complete the set. Find engaging and pleasing artwork to make your walls glow, and your home has a cozy, new, lovely place for you to enjoy.

Each grouping in the store is ready for you to select an item from it, or have the entire room set up in your home because it all looks so great and is comfortable all together!

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