Decorative glass balls are a strong and satisfying addition to you table. Whether you refer to them as balls, orbs or spheres (or not at all), decorators and home furnishing aficionados like to use balls as decorative elements around the home.

Studies have shown that from birth, we have a clear preference for curved lines over straight or angular lines. Perhaps because angular lines represent fearful things in nature; stimulating areas of the brain that register fear and anxiety (think jagged cliffs or bear teeth). Conversely, orbs and objects with curvature are translated in our brain to represent feelings of safety and gentleness. Using orbs or decorative balls in your home décor will result in a pleasant and graceful environment that will radiate peacefulness, and relaxation.

How Do You Achieve This Effect?

The answer is quite odd. Literally.

Any time you place decorative elements throughout your home/room, a good rule of thumb is to use an odd number. When using this decorative element, especially balls of uniform size, start with three. A shallow bowl or concave tray/platter will make a great vessel in which to store your decorative balls. Depending on the size of the vessel, you might want to increase the quantity to 5; especially if the orbs of choice are of different sizes.

Selecting Your Decorative Glass Balls

One of the most obvious ways to decide which decorative glass balls to use is based on your taste. What are you attracted to? If you’re not sure, look online or at your favorite home décor store to gather inspiration.

What brings a pop of whimsy to your room?

Decorative spheres come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. You can find spheres made from ceramic, glass, composite material, etc. You can also find them in more exotic materials like moss, feathers or small cross-sections of wood branches. What suits your aesthetic? What brings a pop of whimsy to your room? Which material tells the story you’re trying to tell in your space? Do you need to add color accents to your room? If so, this is a great way to do so.

Get Creative!

Your decorative orbs do not have to be a prescribed set. Try mix-and-matching several colors. You can also get creative using other found objects such as glass floats which you can find new (replicas) or antiques. You can also use a few mini globes or other fun items that have the same effect. In the winter, you can use homemade pomanders made from oranges and cloves. In the spring use a few bright yellow softballs to add color and panache to your room. Let your creativity be your guide.

Remember, when using decorative balls to bring your look together, nothing is off limits; the “odder”– the better!

Want Some Creative Support?

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