Decorate for the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our community, clients and customers! We love Christmas! So many bright colors and lights, special table scapes and window treatments, an extra Christmas tree for a special room… Let’s decorate!

This is the season for decorating with joy and celebration. Christmas invites us to bring out all the festive and nostalgic decor pieces, add extra lights, lots of shiny surfaces. Time to unwrap the heirloom items handed down from other households, the familiar and festive things that remind us of previous years of celebrating together with family and friends. Memories seem to attach themselves to even the simplest decor items, bringing a swirl of remembrances into the room.

It’s the time of lights, memories, new joys, jolly figures, candles, and presents. Make one of your Christmas presents to yourself be a home decorated for happy celebration.

Using Christmas Lights

Brighten and warm up your indoor spaces with light and color. In December, our days are shorter and darker. It can feel gloomy, chilly and drafty. Stringing extra Christmas lights around the inside of windows warms the room with a soft glow. Add reflective surfaces to bounce the soft light around. You can put together shimmery, shiny, matte, sparkly surfaces in close colors selections to create a current and modern flare on your decor.

Candles groupings are so lovely. Today, you can get beautiful battery operated, very realistic looking, candles for a safer and less costly option. Switch them on, group them close to other decor items, and enjoy the bright points of light.

Use an odd number for your groupings of lights, candles and other decor item. More is better, in our humble opinion: five or seven or even nine candles makes for a more authoritative statement of a Merry Christmas underway! Add lights all over!

Christmas Table Scapes

This is the season to pre-set your table with all your beautiful seasonal linens and tableware. Having the table fully set for a beautiful meal adds a subtle essence of hospitality: we are prepared for you!

Use some of the same decorations from your tree to decorate around the room, for a continuity of colors and textures. Shiny decor balls in paired colors placed in a bowl or snuggled into a garland either down the center of your table or mantle, using close variations: gold and red are so traditional and rich. Add candles, either batter operated and lit, or traditional candles ready for a real flame. Stack your plates over chargers for a coordinated contrast of colors. Pull out your best crystal or stemware, hinting of bubbly and festive beverages.

Christmas Bedroom

Warm up your bedroom with special decor pieces, lights and candles. This is a great place to put up a second special Christmas tree. Perhaps this is the tree where you hang the pictures of family and precious heirloom decorations, for you to enjoy in the few quiet moments. Don’t hold back! Use large decor pieces for a fun flare, right next to smaller, whimsical pieces: cute Christmas statuary or little story vignettes of characters.

Each morning you will awaken to the joyful anticipation of the season. Each evening, you will settle in for a warm night’s rest, having the Christmas lights strung around and some decorations.  Christmas decor in your bedroom makes the room feel cozy and special just for you.

Your Christmas Tree

The centerpiece of all Christmas decorating is the tree! The Christmas tree!

Your tree can take on the look which fits with your home and your life. Putting up a big tree is so fun, but if this is not a good fit for your home, then size it appropriately. Whether your tree sits on a table or stands full room-height, your Christmas tree is a reflection of your celebration. String the lights! You can add garlands of ribbon or strings of cranberries. Homemade decorations are so fun, made by family, bring a unique personal touch that invites a closer look.

Once again, you can choose a closely curated color combination, or throw caution to the wind and use it all! Some people appreciate the luxury of a theme, and some just like to cram it all on the tree! Both are perfect ways to celebrate Christmas.

Stand it up, proud, and filled with your decorations. Under the tree, it’s nice to use a skirt of some kind, providing a visual foundation or anchor for the tree. This is where the presents will gather, whether you put them out as you prepare them or Santa delivers the lot on Christmas Eve. Your Christmas tree is an invitation for everyone to gather around and enjoy all the beauty of nature and decorations together.

Panache-ing Your Christmas

Decorate with Panache is ready to help with your Christmas decorating. Need an extra pair of hands? Need some extra inspiration? Need some more or new Christmas decor? We are ready and delighted to help you make your season bright! We can come to your location and make the most of your collection. We can bring all the Christmas to you. Let us know how much help you wish to receive. Use our Decorating Service form to send in your request. We love Christmas and are ready to share making your home a wonderful celebration waiting to happen.

Wishing you and yours a most brilliant, merry and joyful Christmas season. Thank you for making ours brighter because you are a part of it.

Merry Christmas!