Colored Glass Wall Art

Colored glass is a great way to bring personality, taste and some panache to your home. This use of color can make a big statement when decorating a whole wall.

How do you incorporate more colored glass into your décor? Follow these simple ideas.

Stained Glass

If you have a home that has many large windows, consider hanging a variety of stained-glass panels or windows in a collection using your windows as the “frame”. It’s best to use pieces that follow a theme, either color-wise, style-wise (several Arts & Crafts style pieces in a collection) or subject-wise (stained glass art of birds in different shapes and sizes would make an impressive statement).

Monochromatic Glassware

Chose a color that really speaks to your sense of style or that matches/contrasts your décor. Think cobalt glass. Start out with a collection of glassware in the desired color and use it on a large shelf-area, mantle or even several free-floating shelves mounted on a focal-point wall.

A monochromatic collection of glass art is a very chic.

Monochromatic means single color. Making a big statement using a monochromatic collection of glass art is very chic and classy. Just remember that a collection is three or more items and that a few large items make a bigger impact than many smaller items and looks less cluttered.

Multi-color Glassware

Multi-color Glassware for Your HomeGlassware makes such a huge impact because it glows when light passes through it. Light makes the colors come alive! Try using a variety of colors in your collection.

Glass art can be anything from colorful vessels, fused glass art (chargers, bowls, tiles), glass figures or stained glass. The application of the term “glass art” is practically endless. When using colorful glass as a statement, you’ll want your collection to be used in one location. A large wall unit is best, especially if well lit. Chose colors that accent and compliment the décor in your room, or for true “wow-factor” chose pieces that provide a bright contrast.

Any time you create a statement wall, you are sure to create a visually stunning center-piece to your room. Using colored glass is a fun, warm and interesting way to create a dramatic look and get more panache-y!