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Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-05T12:26:56-08:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ensure that the condition of my item will be the same when I get home as when I made the purchase?2019-08-15T10:35:17-07:00

We take every precaution to wrap your small items according to their fragility. Similarly, we endeavor to help you manage larger items in a safe manner. However, we cannot accept responsibility for the condition of your purchased item(s) once past our threshold – except for items being delivered by our delivery personnel.

Please take care to guard the safety of your items once you have left the store for best outcome. For large items that require extra effort to load, we recommend that you choose to have your item(s) delivered by our delivery personnel.

Do you deliver?2019-03-15T10:19:43-07:00

We have delivery staff who will happily deliver and set-up your purchased items within a 50-mile radius from Sequim, WA. Price for delivery depends on location and ranges from $30 (in Sequim) to $100.

Do you do third-party deliveries? My mom lives in the area and I’d like to purchase an item over the phone and have it delivered to her.2019-03-15T10:19:19-07:00

Absolutely! All we need is the address and phone number of the location to where we will be delivering the item that you purchased over-the-phone. We’ll take care of the rest.

Do you ship items out of the area?2019-03-15T10:18:54-07:00

Currently, we do not ship items.

Are your products new or used?2019-03-15T10:18:28-07:00

Our store is an eclectic mix of new, consignment and estate furniture put together with new home decor in a unique showroom-style display.

Can you order items in other colors/fabrics than what is found in the showroom?2019-03-15T10:17:24-07:00

Often our showroom items are unique pieces that have been brought into the store specifically based on their one-of-a-kind nature, however, from time to time we are able to order additional pieces and/or similar items in different colors and fabrics. We aim to meet your specific needs and our associates will help direct you accordingly. In other words, it never hurts to ask!

Where do you get your items?2019-03-15T10:24:13-07:00

We find our items from a variety of resources including estate sales and through consignment. Our new home furnishings are purchased from many different vendors and we are always adding to our list of sources.

What is your refund policy?2019-03-15T10:17:54-07:00

Refunds are available for new furniture/décor items that are returned in the condition in which they were purchased; within 30 days and with an accompanying receipt. Unfortunately, we are not able to process refunds of estate (used) or consignment items.

What do I do with the old furniture I am replacing with Decorate with Panache furniture?2019-06-25T10:54:36-07:00

Feel free to submit your replaced furniture for consignment consideration. If your replaced furniture is not accepted for consignment, we can make recommendations to other locations that accept used items. Please email or call the store for recommendations.

Do you offer decorating services? I don’t know how to set up my house or what would look good.2019-06-25T10:51:12-07:00

Yes we do! Please visit our Services – Decorating page for more information. You can also submit a request for proposal form.

Do you carry gifts?2019-03-15T10:23:07-07:00

In addition to home furnishings and décor, we have a rather large selection of small gift items. We also provide a custom gift-basket service. For more information about gift basket services, please see our Services – Gift Baskets page.

Do you gift-wrap?2019-03-15T10:22:48-07:00

We provide beautiful tissue paper and ribbon for small items and bows for larger items upon request at no extra charge. We also have a custom gift-basket service which includes a decorative basket, plastic wrap and custom bow. For more information about our gift basket services, lease see our Services – Gift Baskets page.

Can you recommend someone who can come to our estate to inspect a “lot” of furniture that we would like to sell?2019-03-15T10:13:03-07:00

Please complete the form on our Consignment page. One of our associates will contact you to make an appointment to evaluate your estate. In the case that we have interest in any of your pieces a bid for purchase will be submitted to you by “lot”.

Do you offer a lay-a-way option?2019-03-15T10:22:16-07:00

At this time we do not have a lay-a-way option.

Can I put an item on “hold”?2019-03-15T10:21:56-07:00

We understand that there are times when you will need to go home and measure (or make other arrangements) before making a purchase. We will gladly hold items with your name and phone number for 24 hours.

If I make a purchase of a large item, do I have to pick it up today?2019-03-15T10:20:32-07:00

If you have purchased a large item and need to make arrangements to pick it up, we are happy to hold it in our storeroom or warehouse, by arrangement, up to 7 days.

Do you have staff that can help me load my purchase?2019-10-10T15:55:25-07:00

We have delivery staff that are happy to help you load your own vehicle with your purchase available Mondays-Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please make prior arrangements in order to ensure their availability.

Our staff assumes no liability for items loaded into your private vehicle. For guaranteed safety when in question, it’s best to have your items professionally delivered.